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Advanced Terra Testing

833 Parfet St, Unit A
Lakewood, CO 80215
info@terratesting.com | 303-232-8308

Advanced Terra Testing (ATT) is a full scope, independent precision testing laboratory providing advanced capabilities in soil mechanics, rock mechanics, geosynthetics, materials testing, and field services.

Soil Mechanics soil mechanics

Triaxial Strength
Soil Classification
Large Scale Properties
and more...

Rock Mechanics rock mechanics

Triaxial Strength
Brazilian Tensile
Direct Shear
and more...

Geosynthetics geos

Tensile Strength
Puncture Strength
Tear Strength
Hydraulic Properties
Interface Direct Shear
and more...

Materials materials

Compressive Strength
Modulus of Rupture
LA Abrasion
Sulfate Soundness
Alkali Silica Reactivity
and more...

Field Services field

Liner Inspections
Soil Compaction
Concrete Testing
Large Scale Classification
Sonic Velocity
and more...

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